Saturday, 8 October 2016

Initial Story Ideas | Roughing it Out | Story

This is our early script ideas for our story "The Mafia Baby". This is one of our earlier ideas as we feel this has a lot more potential. These are a few ideas that we have had for some of the scenes. and We'd love to have some feedback this early on :)

A Mafia boss has been left to look after a baby at the last minute and decides to go on with his day with the baby in toe. The animation will follow his journey as he tries to carry out a full day

Conflict: Man Vs Family
Ending: “I backed away from him without a word and got out of the room.”
Genre: “Superhero”

Mafia boss spins around in chair. 
“Boss if you want me to do the job you’ll have to look after the kid”
“You mean Billy the kid or what?”
“No boss, my kid. Just for today. I can’t get no one to babysit and you’re the only guy here”

“Well kid, I don't even know you’re name…I guess I should name you. How’s about Snake Eyes”
Baby begins to cry
“Shit uhh i goes you don’t like that, Two face?”
Baby cries harder.
“Crap! Baby face just quieten down okay?!”
Baby stops crying.
“Baby face it is then”

Mafia boss take kid to drug deal. He’s rocking the baby in his arms trying to carry on but no one can take him seriously.

Boss hands the boss a bottle of beer instead of milk

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