Sunday, 16 October 2016

Changes to the Opening Scene | The Mafia Baby | Story

The opening scene in our script felt a bit clunky and unbelievable so we came up with another idea. This feels like it flows into our story a little better. It now starts as follows...

The scene starts within a cafe. We see the Mafia Boss and another guy sat at a table. Polite conversation is exchanged while drinking coffee. During the conversation, a black duffel bag is kicked across the floor beneath the table from the stranger to the Mafia Boss. Its slightly open so we see some of the cash inside. A baby is shown crawling under the seat and climbs into the bag unbeknown to the two men. The meeting is closed and both men stand and shake hands before parting ways. The Mafia boss reaches under the table and grabs the bag, zipping it in one swift movement, trapping the baby inside and he is none the wiser that the infant is inside. Both men exit the cafe.

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