Saturday, 24 September 2016

Brief Story Ideas | Story

Story ideas

Man vs family

JOB-works on oil rig, lorry driver, pilot, army
A man has a job where he has to work away alone, he does not see family often, depressed and missing his family. Family are not grateful, man has never fallen in love and never started his own family

DEATH- Mans dying having flashbacks of his life, regret, death of a family member, child, mum, dad, last family member living, 

Technology- family is always on there phones, tv, game consoles. They have no interaction with each other, man is always distracted by technology and misses child’s first steps, first word, school play, etc regret. (Technology has changed social life and home life)

DRUGS- A man destroys family life, man has no family and gets into drugs, pushed away from family because of drugs, imprisoned for a long time, on the streets, turning life around.

NO FAMILY- adopted, story to find a family, looking for his real parents, family die, on the streets finds a new family, starting a family

BABY-starts a family has nervous, scared, runs away from family, going through pregnancy,

Age- old age, wife dies and is waiting to join her in the afterlife, no one visits him, youngest child gets more attention other children feel left out

Heartbroken- divorce, breakup, from the child’s perspective in the family

LOVE-finding man’s true love, finding a ring love story

CGI Animated Shorts HD: "Taking the Plunge"

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Conflict and The End | Story

We are Dinamica ART Industries

 Year 2 has officially began and for us we are beginning to settle in as a group. We named ourselves "Dinamica ART Industries". Why I hear you ask - well for these three simple reasons

1. Dinamica is spannish for "dynamics" 
2. It would have felt like a loss if we did not arrange our initials into the word ART and use it.
3. Industries because we hope to churn out some amazing work together.

This week, we have chosen our conflict and ending at random just like every other group and now begin the task of forming some story ideas. Eventually at the end of this project, we hope to produce a 90 second animation.

We can't wait to get our teeth into this project and we hope to update you regularly as we go about this project!